Client Testimonials



"Marcus has taken all of our family portraits, and he consistently exceeds our expectations. In our opinion, the quality of the photographs produced by Marcus is second to none; we do and will continue to recommend Marcus to all of our friends and family.”
- The Prodan Family


"Marcus has an amazing and gifted eye. Every time people come to our home, they always comment and compliment  (in awe) the images he captured of my children and me on the beach. Some photographers do not have the skill to adjust the lighting in a way that becomes an African American, but Marcus did.  I am so glad I invested in   family portraits. Each image is a  heirloom and will be cherished forever in our family. Thank you Marcus!!!"
- The Olson Family


"I first saw Marcus’s work in another physician’s office and thought it would be perfect for my office. When I was looking for a wedding photographer, it was an easy choice. Our album and portraits are phenomenal. Everyone said invest in your pictures…I am so glad that we did. People who did not attend the wedding feel like they were there just through pictures. Almost a year later, friends and family are still talking about how much they enjoyed Marcus at the wedding. I look forward to him capturing many more Crabb family moments for years to come."
- Dr. Monique Crabb


"The entire experience of working with Marcus Photography was by far the greatest photo experience my family has ever had.  Throughout all phases of discussing what to wear, how to prepare, the actual shoot, the setting, to the sitting down and making selections, it was the very best. Besides the extraordinary way the entire process was handled, Marcus is a genius for capturing on film an image that is better than you could have hoped. He may be more expensive than some other photographers, but at the end of the day these images will freeze a moment in time for a lifetime. And that is worth it."
- Rosemary Wilson


"That’s why you do something like this [referring to an image]. That’s how I see my wife and child, and you have captured what is in my mind’s eye."
– Denny Jenkins


"We had Marcus photograph our son and daughter for their senior portraits. WOW, is all we could say. The photos were stunning and captured their personalities. We then decided to have family photos done for artwork in our home and holiday cards. It took over 4 hours to finally decide on which ones because they were all great. Many recipients of our holiday cards called to inquire who took the photo –they were that good! We now have beautiful portraits to remember this special time in our lives thanks to Marcus."
– Kim Wheeler


"We had never had a family portrait done; partly because of the stress that is involved in getting a family of five… and a dog looking their best! Marcus was comforting from the very beginning. He and his assistant were very helpful with suggestions on what we should wear and the colors that would look the best on our family. Marcus definitely makes your session about you, your family’s personality, and the look that you are going for. Jimmy and I love that he suggested we take a stroll down the beach while he was shooting the children’s individuals, especially since I have the tendency to take over. When we saw the finished portraits they were absolutely beautiful! He had captured all of us just the way we wanted, I was ecstatic! From start to finish you will be satisfied with Marcus Holman Photography. I get a warm feeling every time I walk past the large canvas portrait in our home. It is certainly an investment, and worth every penny!"
– Allie Hall


"You made them look like angels. I don’t know how you did it because lately they’re anything but…"
– Robin Branch


"Thank you! The MHP team exudes talent and professionalism; your efforts were much appreciated."
– Brady McNaughton


"My favorite photo was Kristin on the path, turning with her smile. The shot to me was the how I see her. The black and white portrait with the Spanish moss over her face and the shot of her on the tree in the black dress we used for her cards both showed the part of her she desires to project.

On the service level it is a combination of every layer being thoughtful, courteous, and artistic. All the correspondence, phone calls and mailed items were over-the-top. The black card, looks to be a Marcus Holman signature design, including a photo we did not order, thanking us for allowing you to photograph our children, was awesome. The fact you valued our time and were prepared to let us view your work on time was rare, and appreciated. I know the presentation was part of a developed sales sequence. That may sound negative to some, but not to me. I am there to purchase, and I have never been as pleased with any presentation. I never felt any external purchase pressure, only my internal emotions of desire to hold these images of my kids in the future. The manor in which all aspects of the complete process was flawless. I realize how difficult it is to achieve those high service marks. I know this does not occur without focus, vision, and great effort.

Keep up the great work. I will stop gushing now and go back to my job, knowing my service has so many aspects I control and so many I can not. I believe your work must be satisfying for you. I wish you the best and look forward to the next time I will use your service. David P.S. If I forgot to mention your creative and technical aspects of the photos was the best part."
– David Kifer


"I just wanted to forward an actual email I sent my daughter Kristin. I am 52 now and in the customer service industry for the last 15 years. So many times I find myself disappointed by the manner in which others handle there business. It is easy to complain, but difficult to take time to say what a great job some has done. No one has ever executed an evolved process for me as well as your and your group did. Every step was above my expectations. I appreciate that the details do not just take care of themselves. Like the correspondence by mail, phone, email. The way the prints are packaged and displayed. I see the plan to make the experience exceptional. I am pleased I took the afternoon to watch the shoot. You and Roxanne were technically proficient and fun to be around, not always the norm. The process of choosing the art, as Roxanne described it, was to the impeccable to the last detail. The location, selection of the music, lighting, mood, and sales sequence was perfect. The actual photo to art you developed was just that, an artist at his craft. I have told others that this is the only time I have a not had a “less that perfect buying experience”. The price, though not cheap, was well in line with the performance. I never begrudged the cost. I have I now know what a quality portrait cost and most importantly what it looks like. We could not even bring ourselves to rationalize why it would be ok to copy one of the prints we have, though we wanted a copy to give away. Because the shoot and artistic development went so well not only do Judie and I have a lasting memory of our kids, but Kristin’s life was forever changed. Her self-image was elevated. She changed, for the better. She gained a self confidence that has helped her adapt to the new world of being out of the house in a strange city, living in a dorm of new people. She was always a shy girl, and did not see herself as attractive. Your photos and the fact of how her friends and peers viewed them lifted Kristin at a perfect time in her life’s development. Judie and I discuss this often. I know this is a side benefit of the quality of the work you produced, but I thought you should know. Thanks for the brilliant work you and your team performed. God Bless. David"
– David Kifer


"He really was fantastic and I’m so proud of the results. I looked on his website, and there are still a lot of my pictures up there, too. Thanks for this dad. It really made my day Love, Kristin"
– Kristin Kifer


"Was a great shoot. Did a great job. Marcus is the only business I have ever been totally satisfied with from start to finish. He nailed every part of the process. Everything was orchestrated to give the max pop. No detail was missed. They never dropped the ball at all. It was expensive, but I realized what the really good job cost. I think we got the best, a real good value for the price, I was joking with Judie that if Marcus really had his sh*t together he would have a picture of you in this advertisement. I looked and did not see one at the bottom where I was looking and was thinking he missed the opportunity to really hit it when I made it to the top and there top and left, (where people start always) is you. He is good. No he is great. Love you."


"Becca was taken aback by her own beauty, and you made that happen! She is not one to think she is beautiful, but she was amazed when she saw her portraits! You did an excellent job, and your skills and talent speak for themselves. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is true, but I could not even begin to comment on your talent and skills in a 1,ooo words or less. You took a child and made her into a beautiful women. what else is there to say your eye for the camera is impeccable and your talents with your camera speak for themselves. Never a problem for me to give a good word on your behalf….. thanks for making her senior year a dream come true with your talent and skills."
– Cindy Shumate


"I calls ‘em as I see ‘em. I have the fortune of being an artsy type. I recognize someone who is a cut above the rest. The compliments I give you are only affirmation of your talent. I think it is hard sometimes to be a photographer. So many are out there just using the camera as a tool and not as a brush. Stealing your locations and trying to take your lighting are a compliment, but it is still irritating. Other photographers, however, do not have what you have, and that is the eye and timing to capture the brief moment when the curtain drops from the personality and the composition moves into place. I am so excited about getting our family’s artwork. I hope that for generations to come, my family will cherish the portraits as I cherish a portrait of my family from the early 1900’s."
– Melinda Brown


"Marcus, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I love it… You are too kind and thoughtful (and the best photographer). I cherish the pictures you’ve taken of us. Love,"
– Robin Branch


"I just wanted to let you know our photographs arrived beautifully and they are beautiful. Thank you Marcus you did such a wonderful job with them. We are thrilled. It was such a pleasure working with you. We really appreciate your talent as a photographer too. A thousands thanks!"
– Cristie Rizzi