Photos are very important in preserving memories and telling the stories in the future

Photos are very important in preserving memories and telling the stories in the future. We are not talking about photo albums on your social media page or that album saved in your phone, not even the stunning wall collection we have created for many of you.  


Tangible, memory evoking  photo albums can become very special items in our lives. Each album is filled with unique, individual photos that tell a story and reflect  moments we can recall. Just think of the smiles that these memories will bring and the laughs that each special story will create heel turning the pages.  Pointing at pictures, hugging your family next to you, laughing and maybe even few happy tears.  These albums can be treasured and given as gifts to family out of town.


What’s included in your Family Photo Album

  • 20 pages of memorable moments
  • custom design
  • leather bound high quality material 
  • personalized attention to detail to represent your family memories
  • 50% off now until March

We are so grateful to debut this valuable incentive for you all to treasure.  We look forward to connecting and creating your memories.


Gift the Gift of Family

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... The decorations, lights, traditions, smells, food and of course, family.  Enjoy your time with the ones you call family because family is everything.   

Giving the gift of family is the best way to preserve that holiday feeling.  Your memories will be treasured for years to come.  It’s not too late to purchase a gift certificate from Marcus Holman Photography.  We look forward to making your holiday a little more magical!

We  wish you all a very merry, happy, special holiday season. 

Lifestyle Family Imagery

Lifestyle imagery breathes life into your existing wall collection and portraits. It tells stories and emotions. It captures milestones in an artistic and interactive manner to inspire, allowing the images to come alive.

I love the timeless family portrait but bringing that family story to life is priceless.  This same concept can be adapted to a business or brand.  Instead of a family portrait, it’s a headshot. Then adding interactions to describe the business and brand around that foundation and strong image.  

Whether it’s your family story or your business branding, we can capture these elements for you.

Click the link below and enjoy some of the lifestyle images we have created for families and businesses. The holidays are just around the corner. Let us capture unique lifestyle imagery that tells your story.

View our lifestyle imagery over on M Creative by clicking here


Capes Capitol


Get Your Professional Headshots Updated

There are a few comments I hear in photo sessions: Make me look good, don't get my bad side and wait I wasn't ready.  Hearing how people react when they are in front of the camera makes me realize everyone is concerned about their look.  What you need to be concerned with is how you portray your“look.” Your image is what many people see first when visiting your LinkedIn, Facebook, or website.  This image needs to be high quality and impactful.  An executive image is more than a headshot, it is your brand. It’s the first impression your clientele sees to understand who you are.  Let us help you with your brand and create that high impact image.  Our exclusive event is coming soon, call or email us today to schedule your branded executive image.



Unique High School Senior Portraits

It’s August and many students are already back in school or gearing up with sports and activities.  Senior portraits are so important to focus on.  Giving the opportunity for a senior to shine, enjoy feeling special and creative is just the beginning to capturing these memories in a milestone in their life.

We at Marcus Holman Photography love to focus on what makes the senior different.  Their hobbies, activities and what makes them an individual will be seen in their images.  Life is short, being a senior only happens once.  Own it, make it the best most creative year yet.  Here are some of my favorite, unique senior portraits over the years. 



Officially Off the Market!

Wow, what a happy whirlwind this has been.  First, what an amazing day and the weather could not have been better.  We are beyond grateful for such a beautiful experience.  

From the beginning of the day and anticipation, ceremony, dancing, high kicks, jumping off stage, toasts and the send off, the love and support we experienced warmed our hearts and gave us even more gratitude of such a loving day.  Here are our highlights of #happilyeverholman



We will keep our celebrating going and hope this brings joy to your hearts.  

Cheers from Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Holman 

Focus On What Matters This Father's Day

Being a father has been a joy to watch my kids grow and experience life.  It has also been a learning experience for me.  The joys and challenges have made me and continue to make me a better human.  From snuggles, bed time stories and tucking them in to waiting until they are late for curfew.  It’s all an amazing journey and I couldn't be more proud of my two, Tia and Cole

Marcus Holman Photography, Photography, Virginia Beach Photographer, Virginia Beach, Family Photographer, Family, Fathers Day

Marcus Holman Photography, Photography, Virginia Beach Photographer, Virginia Beach, Family Photographer, Family, Fathers Day Marcus Holman Photography, Photography, Virginia Beach Photographer, Virginia Beach, Family Photographer, Family, Fathers Day

Marcus Holman Photography, Photography, Virginia Beach Photographer, Virginia Beach, Family Photographer, Family, Fathers Day Marcus Holman Photography, Photography, Virginia Beach Photographer, Virginia Beach, Family Photographer, Family, Fathers Day

This Father’s day I want to focus on some of my favorite memories throughout the years with my father, my kids and many other fathers that deserve to be celebrated every day.  Cheers to us fellas; all the leadership, the learning experiences and the beauty of watching our kids grow




Christmas in Puerto Rico

Experience, when it comes to travel, is technically what you can buy, you can’t actually buy memories. You make memories.  I always have my camera even on my personal vacations for this reason.  Imagery isn't just my profession but my passion as well.  Putting words into how I feel about something isn't my strong suit but you can feel my photography.  I took my daughter to Puerto Rico for her Christmas present this past January, the surf was great but the memories were even better.


I’ve been to PR before but it’s always different when you have others with you.  I’ve done a lot of traveling throughout the years and many  of my trips were surf related.  During this trip to PR, I was able to capture my daughter in some really cool images and some of my favorite people too.  


We stayed in Aguadilla with friends which is where the journey began.  I’m not a resort guy, but having Villa Montana next door was a huge plus.  A picture is worth a thousand words. So here are some of my favorite memories to tell the story.



Celebrate your anniversary with something priceless.

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What to wear on your photo session

Rising High School Seniors

Give your rising senior a summer portrait session. Schedule your complimentary consult today by calling 757-491-4525

Father's Day

Give Dad something priceless this year vs the boring tie. Purchase your gift certificate for a family portrait session today by calling 757-491-4525

Mother's Day


Give Mom what she really wants this Mother's Day, her family. Purchase your gift certificate today by calling 757-491-4525

Quality Equipment

The quality of equipment a professional uses cannot compare to a smartphone camera.    Different  lenses and knowing when and how to use them during times of day are critical in creating the perfect portrait. Think of painters and their brushes.  True artists know how to use their mediums to create the final work of art. 

The experience a professional gives makes all the difference.

It’s been said there are no small decisions in artwork and it’s even more applicable in photography. From the experience of where to photograph at what time of day to the smallest detail of a hand position.  Like all master craftsman making it look simple and easy  is the trademark of master or professional.