Let’s start with the emotions.

The attention to detail to capture your most trusted portrait is only given by a professional.  Learning about you and your family to convey personalities,  investing time in finding the perfect setting, the excitement you feel with your family all smiling and capturing memories, the lasting joy you feel every time you walk by your artwork in your home. You won’t have this experience and all the feels without a professional.

God bless smart phones.

We could barely survive with out them.  All the apps, the well placed cameras and of course those filters.  But does having a smartphone make anyone a photographer? Does having a stethoscope make the Doctor?  What’s the difference between a professional 

In corporate a memorable vacation spot for your portrait session.

A family vacation spot – can bring back memories of a time past for many years to come through portraiture.


Do you know the best location for your portrait session?

The best location for your portrait session is often a location that has special meaning to you. 


This is your last chance for a family portrait

Now they're high school seniors.  We have a great portrait session planned for your senior.  And this will probably be the last chance you have for a beautiful wall portrait of your soon to be adult.  Because let's face it - once they leave for college things change.  When they return you will have entered a new phase in family life with your kids.


They are starting to grow up to quickly

What can we say - 16 is magical.  Suddenly you notice your child has become a young lady or a young man.  You will see the interesting dynamics of the family with a portrait of everyone at this stage. This is definitely another opportunity for a wall portrait from this session.

The second perfect time frame for your family to be photographed.

At age four, your child's personality will be in full bloom.  Able to communicate ideas and opinions clearly.  Four year old is your gift after experiencing 
the terrific 2's and the troublesome 3's.  An excellent time to capture a family portrait to display 
proudly in your home.

The first milestone in a child's life.

At one year old your baby's personality will begin to emerge fully. You will get a glimpse of what your little one will develop into as an adolescent. Traditionally, this is the first beautiful wall image from childhood.

Choosing the right clothing for an heirloom portrait


Choosing the right clothing for an heirloom portrait requires a little investigation into the decor in the room that you want to display this image. It is not unlike choosing any beautiful piece of artwork for your home. It requires a basic knowledge of color harmony, hue and contrasting elements to create the perfect piece for your walk.

Pick the right neckline.

A well-cut V-neck can easily make you look like you’ve lost 5 pounds overnight. Choosing this lower cut will create the appearance of a nice elongating vertical line. This is especially true for large chested women, who risk looking suffocated by too-high neckline.

Become BFFs with your tailor.

A tailor is arguably your most important asset when it comes to dressing thinner. A good tailor can alter anything you own to custom fit your body because, let’s face it, we weren’t all built like Gisele Bundchen. And if we haven’t made it clear enough already, the right fit is everything. From shortening sleeves, nipping waists, hiking up hems, and even changing the fit of a winter coat, a tailor can work wonders on your wardrobe.

Try a skin-toned heel. Nothing elongates the body like a skin-colored shoe.

The similarity to your skin tone will give the illusion that your legs go on for days.

Choose the best pant cut for your body.

The Pant, which is slightly higher waisted, slim through the thighs, and boot cut elongates most body types. If you have a wider leg opening then you should wear a blouse, accented with a wide belt to continue a slimming effect.

Oversized clothes won’t make you look slimmer.

This one’s pretty simple: If you buy something that’s shaped like a tent, you’ll look like a tent (unless you cinch, see tip #3!). Instead, buy clothes that accentuate your natural curves.

Black is always in fashion

No matter what color is the trend du jour, there’s nothing quite as slimming and elongating as the color black.

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