Choose the best pant cut for your body.

The Pant, which is slightly higher waisted, slim through the thighs, and boot cut elongates most body types. If you have a wider leg opening then you should wear a blouse, accented with a wide belt to continue a slimming effect.

Oversized clothes won’t make you look slimmer.

This one’s pretty simple: If you buy something that’s shaped like a tent, you’ll look like a tent (unless you cinch, see tip #3!). Instead, buy clothes that accentuate your natural curves.

Black is always in fashion

No matter what color is the trend du jour, there’s nothing quite as slimming and elongating as the color black.

A belt is a girl’s best friend.

There’s a reason why it’s called cinching. Pairing a skinny belt with

a billowy top, coat, or dress will suck in your waist, making it appear inches smaller.

Buy clothes in the right size

Sometimes, we’re not happy with the number on the tag, so we end up buying clothes that are too small. Newsflash: Every brand sizes differently, so if you’re shopping in a cheaper store, you’ll definitely be a bigger size than if you buy designer. Plus, buying a pair of jeans in a size 2 won’t actually make you look like a size 2 if they don’t fit. You’ll just end up with the dreaded muffin top. We promise, sizing up if need be will make you look a lot leaner in the end.

Dark jeans are always a good choice.

Dark jeans are always a good choice. Swap loose boxy tops for slim-cut blouses tucked into dark jeans. A well-fitting blouse and straight dark jeans will elongate your whole body.



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